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The Oklahoma Tax Commission prohibits unauthorized access to this computer system and disclosure of confidential state and federal information unless specifically authorized by law. By accessing and using this computer system, you are consenting to system monitoring for law enforcement. Such monitoring may result in the acquisition, recording, and analysis of all data being communicated, transmitted, processed, or stored in this system by a user. If monitoring reveals possible evidence of criminal activity, such evidence may be provided to Law Enforcement Personnel. Penalties for unauthorized access and disclosure are as follows: Oklahoma Penalties: Persons convicted of the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act (Title 21 OS, Sections 1951-1959) may be subject to punishments, including a fine up to $100,000 or confinement in the State Penitentiary for up to 10 years or both. Federal Penalties: Employees who willfully disclose federal tax returns or return information are guilty of a felony with a fine up to $5,000 or imprisonment up to 5 years, or both, plus prosecution costs (Title 26, IRC 7213). In addition, willfully inspecting, browsing, or looking at a federal tax return or return information without authorization is a violation of Title 26, IRC 7213A, subjecting the violator to a fine up to $1,000 or imprisonment up to 1 year, or both, plus prosecution costs. Taxpayers affected by violations of IRC 7431 may bring a civil action against the violator. Civil damages are greater of $1,000 for each act or the sum of actual damages, plus the cost of bringing action under IRC 7431. Unauthorized access or disclosure of federal tax information also constitutes violation of Title 18 USC, Section 1030, which could subject the violator to additional fines and/or imprisonment.
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